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     Curtis Stigers

Born: Oct 19, 1965 in Hollywood, CA
Years Active
Genres: Jazz, Pop/Rock, R&B
Styles: Adult Contemporary, Jazz-Pop, Soul, Blue-Eyed Soul, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Smooth Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Instruments: Sax (Tenor), Vocals

Singer/songwriter Curtis Stigers' interest in music began as a teen in Boise, playing in punk and blues bands as well as receiving classical training in clarinet and saxophone in high school. After graduation, Stigers moved to New York to pursue rock music, but soon found himself more at home in the city's blues and jazz clubs. He attracted label attention as the saxophonist/vocalist of a jazz trio, signing a deal with Arista and releasing two albums for the label: 1991's self-titled, multi-platinum debut and 1995's Time Was. His smooth, ballad-heavy blend of soul and rock translated into commercial appeal, particularly on his cover of Nick Lowe's "Peace, Love, & Understanding" on The Bodyguard soundtrack. 1999 saw the release of his third album, Brighter Days, which featured appearances by Jackson Browne and Benmont Trench, as well as songs co-written by Carole King and Jules Shear. The album's single "To Be Loved" also appeared on the Dawson's Creek soundtrack, ensuring his continued popularity. In addition, Stigers moonlighted as a jazz vocalist, performing and recording with artists like Gene Harris and the Doky Brothers. In 2001, Stigers issued an album of jazz standards, Baby Plays Around, which was recorded for the Concord Jazz label and featured backing by Randy Brecker and Minh Doky, among others. Three more jazz oriented albums for Concord followed, Secret Heart (2002), You Inspire Me (2003) and I Think It's Going to Rain Today (2005).

-Heather Phares (All Music Guide)

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 Curtis Stigers - 'Baby Plays Around' - 2001, Concord Jazz
 Curtis Stigers - 'Brighter Days' - 1999, Curb
 Curtis Stigers - 'Curtis Stigers' - 1991, Arista
 Curtis Stigers - 'I Think It's Going To Rain Today' - 2005, Concord
 Curtis Stigers - 'Let's Go Out Tonight' - 2012, Concord Jazz
 Curtis Stigers - 'Lost In Dreams' - 2009, Concord Jazz
 Curtis Stigers - 'Secret Heart' - 2002, Concord Jazz
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 Randy Bachman - 'Jazz Thing' - 2004, Maximum Jazz
 Jack McDuff - 'Down Home Blues' - 1997, Concord Jazz, Ars Nova
 Jason Miles - 'Brazillian Nights Featuring Romero Lubambo' - 2002, Q Records

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