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     Andreas Oberg

Oberg was born in Stockholm on August 6, 1978. He began playing guitar at the age of 8 years old and studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Oberg has recorded four solo albums and a live performance DVD. His albums Six String Evolution and My Favorite Guitars were released on Resonance Records in 2010 and 2008 and reached No 15 and No 22 on the US Radio J-z Chart. Andreas was also a featured soloist/performer on the album Resonance Big Band which received a 2010 US Grammy Award.

Oberg has performed with Les Paul, Eros Ramazzotti, Jennifer Batten Toots Thielemans, John Patitucci, Andreas Carlsson, Bireli Lagrene, Larry Coryell, Barbara Hendricks, Richard Galliano, Martin Taylor, Stuart Hamm, Danny Gottlieb, Jimmy Rosenberg, David Kikoski, Bucky Pizzarelli, Lewis Nash, Joey DeFrancesco, Mark Murphy, Stochelo Rosenberg, John Pizzarelli, DJ QBERT, Harvey Mason and Billy Kilson.

Oberg is also a teacher and lecturer at the Musicians Institute (formerly GIT) in Hollywood.

In 2009, Oberg created the Andreas Guitar Universe, together with ArtistWorks Inc, founded by former AOL executive David Butler. AGU is an interactive internet guitar training program with students of different styles and levels from all over the world.

Oberg is also a songwriter and composer, having writteb hundreds of titles for TV, internet and radio world wide.

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