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     Metropole Orchestra

Famed big band the Metropole Orchestra was founded in 1945 by the Dutch Radio Foundation under the leadership of conductor Dolf van der Linden; the 17-member ensemble made its debut on November 25 of that year, and in the decades to follow established itself as an institution of the European jazz community, backing everyone from Tony Bennett to Shirley Bassey to Natalie Cole. After 35 years at the helm, van der Linden left the orchestra in 1980, and was replaced Rogier van Otterloo; in the wake of van Otterloo's 1988 death, the reins were handed to artistic director Dick Bakker. The Metropole Orchestra's many recordings include collaborations with Lee Konitz, Ernestine Anderson, Bob Brookmeyer and Clare Fischer, as well as tributes to composers as far ranging as Raymond Scott, Andre Popp, Roger Roger and Dennis Farnon.

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  как основной соисполнитель ...
 Vince Mendoza - 'Fast City: A Tribute To Joe Zawinul' - 2010, BHM, ZYX Music
 John Scofield - '54' - 2010, EmArcy
 Peter Weniger - 'Metropole Orchestra' - 1995, Mons Records
  как соисполнитель ...
 Frank Rosolino - 'Fond Memories' - 1996, Double-Time Records

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