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     Marcus Johnson

Born: 1971 in Columbus, OH
Genres: Jazz, R&B
Styles: Contemporary R&B, Jazz-Pop, Mainstream Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Contemporary Jazz

A smooth jazz keyboardist, Marcus Johnson incorporates the rhythms of rap with the soul of R&B. Johnson grew up listening to a broad variety of music: his mother played classical piano and his first memorable concert experience was seeing an Earth, Wind & Fire show with his father. His interest in jazz first showed itself when he began tinkling the keys at age 13 (his step-father won Maryland's "Pick-3 Lottery" and used the winnings to buy Johnson's first keyboard) and he found himself studying both traditional and contemporary jazz musicians (Joe Sample and Thelonious Monk are two names he frequently cites).

Johnson also established Marimelj Entertainment Group, Inc., a production company and music publisher that prides itself on blending a mixture of contemporary jazz, alternative, and R&B to create what the company calls "the Urban Groove."

- Zac Johnson (www.allmusic.com)

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