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     Elisabeth Kontomanou

Of Greek and African origin, and born in France, Elisabeth Kontomanou has worked with many musicians in both Europe and America, including Sam Newsome, Leon Parker, Michel Legrand, Mike Stern, Alain Jean-Marie. She first gained recognition at the 'Concours de La Defense' and has since been nominated for a Django d'Or Award, following her album 'Embrace' released on Steeple Chase in 1999. Acclaimed by the critics for her two latest recordings, she was awarded the 'Vocal Jazz Award' of the Victoires du Jazz in 2006. Since then, prefering an intimate style to an extrovert one, and depth to superficial effects, she has performed widely in the most prestigious venues across many continents, such as the Blue Note, the Knitting Factory and the Supper Club. She has also branched out to both musical cinema ('Masque de Lune' by Michel Legrand - 1988) and musical comedy ('Rag Time' - 2003). Pianist Jean-Michel Pilc, her long time collaborator, refers to her as "an artist who has that remarkable ability to shake your soul and touch your heart by the very unique nature of her voice. Her presence possesses you right away, instantly taking you to another world, and like Piaf she could sing the phone book and make you cry". With her latest album, Siren Song, recorded with the Lorraine National Orchestra, Elisabeth Kontomanou once again immerses herself in the great standard numbers that made jazz famous. Accompanied by three orchestrators - Tom Harrel, Gustav Karlstrom, and Ann-Sofi Sderqvist - she has combined this celebrated repertoire with recent compositions of her own, such as Summer.Three pieces were composed by her son Gustav Karlstrom.

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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Elisabeth Kontomanou - 'Back To My Groove' - 2007, Nocturne Records
 Elisabeth Kontomanou - 'Brewin' The Blues' - 2008, Nocturne
 Elisabeth Kontomanou - 'Midnight Sun' - 2006, Nocturne Records
 Elisabeth Kontomanou - 'Secret Of The Wind' - 2012, Outnote, Effendi Records
 Elisabeth Kontomanou - 'Siren Song: Live At Arsenal' - 2009, Plus Loin
 Elisabeth Kontomanou - 'Waitin' For Spring' - 2005, Nocturne Records
  как соисполнитель ...
 Andre Ceccarelli - 'Golden Land' - 2007, CAM Jazz
 Cornelius Claudio Kreusch - 'Scoop' - 1998, Act
 Leon Parker - 'The Simple Life' - 2001, Label M
 Mike Stern - 'Voices' - 2001, Atlantic

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