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     Gare du Nord

The album Sex 'n'Jazz , certified gold in october 2007, enjoys a 52 weeks stay in the Dutch Album Top 100 and is still going strong. The highest chart position, so far, is a stark number 10. Also, the mix album Jazz In The City released on Blue Note Records, continues it's already 15 weeks stay in the charts. The hitsingle Beautiful Day is a real smash on Dutch Radio 2 with high rotation airplay and the status of Paradeplaat.

In the meanwhile, Gare du Nord's Doc and Inca are working on a brand new album, set for release in the autumn of 2008.

The Sex 'n'Jazz album, the first of a trilogy, offers 13 new originals and features guest performances by Italian singer Dorona Alberti, British pop/rock legend Paul Carrack and legendary soul singer Marvin Gaye (sampled). Among the new tracks is the soul blues track Ride On, written and recorded with singer-songwriter Paul Carrack. Also included is the track You're My Medicine, written for the new bio-pic Sexual Healing based on the life of legendary soul singer Marvin Gaye. This track features the original vocal track from Marvin's classic 1982 hit single Sexual Healing: it is the very first time for a European release that Sony/BMG New York has given the permission to use the original master track for a new song. Sex 'n' Jazz, the album, comes as a deluxe limited edition digipack with artwork designed by famous fashion designer Marlies Dekkers.

In the spring of 2001 Gare du Nord kicked off when producers Doc and Inca were asked by a French promoter to deliver a soundtrack for a Fashion & Lifestyle Event in Brussels called Excellence. Instead of going just for moody sounds and loungy atmospheres the twosome decided to go beyond synths and beats and they composed a song cycle to express their contemporary interpretation of traditional jazz and blues. The soundtrack for the event became the first Gare du Nord album; (in garedunord_search of) Excellounge (certified gold) and the single Pablo's Blues were released to high critical acclaim in The Netherlands, a country that has a tradition when it comes to picking up new sounds and trends. That album, written, recorded and produced in just under three weeks generated a lot of international response too. In addition to a European release (both Pablo's Blues and the second single Discotek/Boogie All Night Long became hits) "Excellounge" was also released worldwide including several special editions in Australia, Russia and Canada. Was the first album largely Paris oriented, the second album Kind Of Cool (2003) took in just about the whole world with songs conceived in Brussels, Memphis, London and Berlin. The title song, a grooving jazz track in the Miles Davis mode and Kind Of Cool's key track, the bluesy Sold My Soul, found it's way to American tv documentaries, tv series and movies.

After a Russian tour in the slipstream of the second album the third Gare du Nord album Club Gare du Nord hit the streets by the end of 2005. With mucho radio airplay for the Steely Dan-tribute track Go Back, Jack! and very good reviews 2005' Club Gare du Nord marked the return to the typical and non-traditional sound scape structure of (in garedunord_search of) Excellounge. Blue Note recording artist and trumpet player Erik Truffaz contributed to several tracks on the album. In 2006 Gare du Nord did tour The Netherlands with their live band presenting a melting pot of urban jazz, delta blues and groove dance a la Gare du Nord. In February 2007 Gare du Nord has delivered the soundtrack for the bestselling book Stout, written by Heleen van Royen and Marlies Dekkers. The album Sex 'n'Jazz is being followed by a Theatre Tour 2007/2008 in The Netherlands. In November 2007 Gare du Nord signs a contract with legendary jazz label Blue Note Records. A new mix album, Jazz In The City, is out now in The Netherlands and is highly acclaimed by the Dutch press.


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