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     Cafe Del Mar

Cafe del Mar (freely translated as "cafe by the sea") is a bar located in Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza. It is known for its sunsets and chill-out music.

The Cafe del Mar was founded by Ramon Guiral, Carlos Andrea, and Jose Les on 20 June 1980.

The look of the Cafe del Mar was designed by a Catalan architect, Lluis Guell. He was in charge of the design, decoration and architecture.
Renowned sunset at the Cafe del Mar in Ibiza

The Cafe del Mar is perhaps most known around the world for its chill-out music compilations. The songs are described as balearic ambient, easy listening music. The collections of the music played at the cafe were first sold on cassette at the end of the 1980s. In 1994, the first official "Cafe del Mar" CD was released, which included works by world-renowned artists. Following the great success of the first release, a total of 16 volumes of the main compilation series have been published.

Cafe del Mar compilations contain music by artists all over the world, more famous ones including A.R. Rahman, Moby, Jean-Michel Jarre, Chicane, Underworld, and Thomas Newman. Cafe del Mar has also released artist albums by Rue du Soleil and Gary B.

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 Cafe Del Mar - 'Classic' - 2002, Cafe del Mar
 Cafe Del Mar - 'Classic II' - 2004, Cafe del Mar

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