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     Angelo Michele Bartolotti

Angelo Michele Bartolotti (died after 1668) was an Italian guitarist, theorbo player and composer. Little is known about his life up to late 1650s, when he moved from Italy to Paris. During his years in Italy, he published at least two collections of guitar music: Libro primo di chitarra spagnola (Florence, 1640) and Secondo libro di chitarra (Rome, c.1655). The first book contains a cycle of passacaglias in all major and minor keys, employing a combination of battute and pizzicato styles, influenced by earlier Italian guitarists such as Giovanni Paolo Foscarini. The second book is French-influenced, with more emphasis on pizzicato writing. Three more pieces are attributed to him in manuscripts.

Bartolotti's oeuvre comprises some of the most carefully notated (with precise indications for various playing styles, ornaments, etc.) and advanced guitar music of the period. In France, however, he was best known as a theorbo player, praised by Constantijn Huygens and Rene Ouvrard. His treatise on theorbo accompaniment (Table pour apprendre facilement a toucher le theorbe sur la basse-continue (Paris, 1669) is among the best 17th century sources on the subject.

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