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     Jean-Baptiste Stuck

Jean-Baptiste Stuck (6 May 1680 - 8 December 1755) was an Italian-French composer and cellist of the Baroque.

Little is known of Stuck's early years. He was born at Livorno, came from a merchant family, and was the son of Giovanni-Giacomo Stuck and Barbera Hellerbeck. From 1702 he was in the service of Countess Lemos in Naples. Stuck wrote arias for the performance of the opera L'innocente inganno of Tomaso Albinoni, which was performed under the new title Rodrigo in Algieri on December 10, 1702 in Naples at the Theatre San Bartolimeo.

Shortly thereafter Stuck moved to Paris. In 1705, he published the collection Fur das Jahr 1701 through the Ballard publishing house. In Paris, he was a member of the Chapel Royal and a cellist in the service of the Duke of Orleans. In 1722, he led the cello in the opera orchestra, displacing the bass viol. In 1733 he received French citizenship. He died in Paris.

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