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     Giovan Domenico Da Nola

Born: 1510
Died: May 1592
Genre: Classical
Instruments: Vocals

As a composer and teacher Nola made an important contribution to the city of Naples. Ss. Annunziata employed him as the choir director of the girls' chorus; the choir was thought to have positively impacted the musical life of Naples. Nola composed both sacred and secular works including canzonettes and numerous madrigals. His early works were written for three voices and collected in "Canzoni villanesche". He thought them experimental at best but they were well received by contemporaries such as Lassus, Donato and Scandello and even arranged by them for four voices. Diverse musical stylings can be attributed to his music and include portions with different rhythmic patterns, parallel fifths, counter point and stammering specious starts.

- Keith Johnson (All Music Guide)

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