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     William Corkine

(fl. 1610-16209)

English composer, lutenist, gambist, lyra-viol player. In private service in the second decade of the seventeenth century before traveling to Poland in 1617. Published a first book of Ayres to Sing and Play to the Lute and Basse-Viollin 1610 and a The Second Booke of Ayres, some to sing and play to the Basse-Violl alone: others to be sung to the Lute and Bass Viollin 1612. The first book has the more charming songs. The second is notable in that thirteen of the songs are without tablature accompaniment or alternative partsong versions, but are instead marked to be sung 'to the Base-Violl alone.'


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 Jordi Savall - 'Lessons For The Lyra-Violl' - 1980, Astree, Auvidis
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 Paolo Pandolfo - 'A Solo' - 1998, Glossa Music

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