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     Hayne Van Ghizeghem

Born: 1445
Died: 1472
Genre: Classical
Instruments: Vocals

Hayne was put in the charge of Constans Breuwe by Charles the Bold (before Charles became King). It is probable that Constans was Hayne's first teacher. He exhibited a fine voice and sang in the chorus of Charles. Compositions by Hayne were included in the manuscripts from the French Royal court and illustrate his meritorious work. Only two other composers were accorded this privilege: Agricola and Compere. It was not certain when Hayne died; however, he was depicted as one of the musicians welcoming Ockeghem into the afterworld and Ockeghem died in 1497. The genre which Hayne pursued was that of the rondeaux. The majority of these works were composed for three voices, in 2/4 time, dominated by the treble voice. Following the forms of the day he was consistent in symmetry, a movement of syllabic texts toward the melismatic and in his use of syncopation. Interestingly he would finish his compositions on the same note of the mode giving his music a sense of key-centeredness and demonstrating a direction to his music. Hayne's hallmark chansons were "Allez regrets," "De tous biens plaine," "La regretee," and "Mon souvenir."

- Keith Johnson (All Music Guide)

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