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     Johannes Cornago

(fl.c.1450 - 1475)
Cornago was a Spanish composer, active mainly at the Spanish court in Naples. Little music from the first two-thirds of the fifteenth century survives in Spain, but from the little available to us, it is clear that Cornago was a composer of high prominence.

His "Missa de la mapa mundi" is the earliest securely attributed Spanish mass cycle. It is based on a secular song, and so along with Guillaume Dufay's "Missa Se la face ay pale" represents one of the earliest such examples. This mass displays a unity of purpose and direction, as well as an expressive bass line, which places it squarely with the masses of Johannes Ockeghem as one of the finest examples of the period.

Cornago's surviving output also includes several secular songs, all of high quality.

- Todd McComb (6/94)

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