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     Alessandro Coppini

Birth: 1465
Death: 1527
Genre: Chamber Music, Choral
Country: Italy

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An Italian composer, organist and theologian who earned his doctorate in theology as a member of the Servite monastic order. He may have studied music with Giliardi; he spent most of his time in Florince. Composing both sacred and secular the main body of works consisted of motets and various songs respectively. The qualities of Coppini's music include strong vertical tendencies flavored with occasional passing tones in constant rhythms. Coppini successfully combined note-against-note horizontal polyphony with homophonic vertical harmonies and may have been one of the first Italian composers to accomplish this blend.

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 Various Artists - 'Musica A Firenze: The Time Of Lorenzo The Magnificent' - 1991, Rodolphe Production, Harmonia mundi

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