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     Blondel De Nesle

Born: 115?
Died: 12??
Genre: Classical
Instruments: Vocals

A French trouvere (or pre-troubadour) may have been one of the legendary figures who aided the escape of King Richard the Lionheart (though this is somewhat speculative). A number of Blondel's pieces were used as models for other songs (i.e.

"Quant je plus sui" was used as a guide for four other chansons and "Li plus se plaint" was used as a guide for three other chansons). Most of Blondel's songs contained no counterpoint and followed strict strophic patterns. Exceptions are noted and characterized by different line lengths with melodies that did not adhere to syllabic form. The melodic range in some songs extended 12 intervals and regularity regarding stylistic qualities were scarce although some repetition combined with a tonal center were apparent in his compositions.

- Keith Johnson (All Music Guide)

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 Various Artists - 'Trouveres: Courtly Love Songs From Northern France' - 1984, Harmonia mundi
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