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     Conon De Bethune

(c. 1150 in the former Artois region, today Pas-de-Calais - December 17, 1219 or 1220, in or near Constantinople or perhaps Adrianople)

Trouvere poet and composer. He was of noble birth, and from the age of 20 was associated with the French court. In later life he became active as a soldier and politician. Like many contemporary trouveres he took part in the crusades, and he was present at the siege of Constantinople in 1204 ; several of his poems are chansons de croisade, describing or commenting on current events. Some ten songs have been attributed to him, all of them composed in a modest style with much repetition.

Read more: Conon de Bethune [Quennon de Bethune] Biography arts.jrank.org/pages/1575/Conon-de-Bethune-Quennon-de-Bethune.html#ixzz0r0CF4ilU

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