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     Eustachio Romano

Born: 1470
Died: 1525
Genre: Classical
Instruments: Vocals

A composer who wrote the "Musico duorum" and a likely member of the Macione family. His single volume was the first publication of G.G. Pasoti and it was the only publication undertaken and completed by Pasoti without assistance. "Musico Duorum" was also the earliest known volume of music composed for an instrumental ensemble to be printed (1521). Eustachio's music is countrapuntally descriptive and spirited containing 45 duets with imaginative strains. He also composed frotellas and shorter canzoni for poetic works as well as for some of Petrarch's sonnets. Music by Eustachio was structured in a simple manner in order to easily convey the text (the music was used in such a manner so that it did not overshadow or detract from the poem).

- Keith Johnson (All Music Guide)

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