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     Martyn Jacques

Martyn Jacques is a British musician, most notable for being a founder of the independent band Tiger Lillies. [1] He is a lyricist, vocalist, and musician who plays accordion, piano, and ukulele.

He spent 7 years living above a brothel in Soho while training his characteristic falsetto voice.

In his Tiger Lillies appearances, Jacques commonly sings about "sexual perversions, seedy underbellies, the gruesome, macabre and visceral". [3] Jacques has been described as enjoying when audience members walk out of his shows, noting "It's always funny when people are offended by what I do ... after all, I'm just an entertainer."

His songs range from hilarious, dark, up-beat music, even darker, strange and mysterious songs and some cover versions, such as "My Funny Valentine" and "Send in the Clowns".

He is the musical director of the junk opera Shockheaded Peter.

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  как основной соисполнитель ...
 The Tiger Lillies - 'Farmyard Filth' - 2004, Misery Guts
  как соисполнитель ...
 The Tiger Lillies - 'Bad Blood And Blasphemy' - 1999, Misery Guts
 The Tiger Lillies - 'Births, Marriages And Deaths' - 1994, Misery Guts
 The Tiger Lillies - 'Bouquet Of Vegetables The Early Years' - 2004, Misery Guts
 The Tiger Lillies - 'Circus Songs' - 2000, Warner Bros.
 The Tiger Lillies - 'Goodbye Great Nation' - 1996, Misery Guts
 The Tiger Lillies - 'Low Life Lullabies' - 1999, Misery Guts
 The Tiger Lillies - 'Seven Deadly Sins' - 2008, Misery Guts Music
 The Tiger Lillies - 'Shockheaded Peter' - 1999, NVC Arts
 The Tiger Lillies - 'Spit Bucket' - 2004, Misery Guts

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