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     Marian Petrescu

Marian Petrescu (born 1970), piano Dazzling technique, solid classical training and dynamic interpretation rich in imaginative nuances… These qualities brought Marian to the attention of jazz audiences at the young age of 15 at the Pori Jazz festival. He made his first record aged 16. Since then career has been characterized by international success; in the Martial Solal jazz piano competition (2nd prize 1989) and Bucharest jazz festival (1st prize in 1992).Appearances include the Montreux, Paris, The Hague and Copenhagen jazz festival, in addition to many festivals in Finland such as Pori, April Jazz, Baltic Jazz etc. The Comment made about him back in 1986 has only grown more appropriate over the years:

When the fifteen yers old pianist Marian Pertescu in the summer of 1985 appeared at the Pori Jazz Festival, he immediately caught the attention of a unanimous group of listeners: This guy is sensational! Whit his aggressive, swinging and attacking manner of playing, which seemed to imply that anything was possible due to a techical virtuosity of a rare quality, he convinced even the most critical jazz diggers that here a new star was being norn under the rainy and heavy skies of a Finnish jazz summer."One can hear that he loves what he plays and that he loves to play. He treats the piano as a friend, a sparring partner and mistress. Keep listening!"

-Claes Andersson

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 Marian Petrescu - 'Body And Soul' - 2006, Hot Club
 Marian Petrescu - 'Thrivin': Live At Jazz Standard' - 2010, Resonance

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