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     Lonnie Brooks

Born: Lee Baker Junior on Dec 18, 1933 in Dubuisson, LA
Genre: Blues
Styles: Modern Electric Blues, Electric Chicago Blues, Modern Electric Chicago Blues, Regional Blues
Instruments: Guitar, Vocals

Having forged a unique Louisiana/Chicago blues synthesis unlike anyone else's on the competitive Windy City scene, charismatic guitarist Lonnie Brooks has long reigned as one of the town's top bluesmen. A masterful showman, the good-natured Brooks puts on a show equal to his recordings (and that's saying a lot, considering there are four decades of wax to choose from).

Born Lee Baker, Jr. in Louisiana, Brooks took his time when choosing his vocation; he didn't play guitar seriously until he was in his early twenties and living in Port Arthur, TX. Rapidly assimilating the licks of B.B. King and Long John Hunter, he landed a gig with zydeco pioneer Clifton Chenier (not a bad way to break into the business) before inaugurating his own recording career in 1957 with the influential swamp pop ballad "Family Rules" for Eddie Shuler's Lake Charles, LA-based Goldband Records. The young rock & roller - then billed as Guitar Junior - enjoyed more regional success on Goldband with the rocking dance number "The Crawl" (covered much later by the Fabulous Thunderbirds). Mercury also issued two 45s by Guitar Junior.

When Sam Cooke offered the young rocker a chance to accompany him to Chicago, he gladly accepted. But two problems faced him once he arrived: there was another Guitar Junior in town (precipitating the birth of Lonnie Brooks), and the bayou blues that so enthralled Gulf Coast crowds didn't cut it up north. Scattered session work (he played on Jimmy Reed's Vee-Jay classic "Big Boss Man") and a series of R&B-oriented 45s for Midas, USA, Chirrup, and Chess ensued during the '60s, as Brooks learned a new style of blues. The Guitar Junior sobriquet was briefly dusted off in 1969 for his Capitol album debut, Broke & Hungry, but its lack of success buried the alias for good.

By the late '70s, Brooks was gaining a deserved reputation as an exceptionally dynamic Chicago bluesman with a fresh perspective. He cut four outstanding sides for Alligator's first batch of Living Chicago Blues anthologies in 1978 that quickly led to his own Aligator debut LP, Bayou Lightning, the next year. Five more albums of his own for the firm and extensive touring cemented Brooks' standing as a Chicago blues giant. Son Ronnie Baker Brooks is a chip off the proverbial block, playing rhythm guitar in his old man's band and duetting on "Like Father, Like Son" on Lonnie's 1991 album Satisfaction Guaranteed. Brooks long association with Alligator Records continued into the late '90s with the release of Roadhouse Rules in 1996, which focused more on R&B than down-home blues, and Lone Star Shootout in 1999. The disc featured Brooks with fellow guitar slingers Long John Hunter and Phillip Walker playing together and solo in varied combinations of bluespower.

- Bill Dahl & Al Campbell (All Music Guide)


Настоящее имя Бейкер Ли (р. 18 декабря 1933, Дубиссон, Луизиана, США) - американский блюзовый певец, гитарист. На протяжении своей долгой музыкальной карьеры перепробовал множество стилей, прежде чем выработать свой индивидуальный блюзовый почерк. В конце 90-х годов Брукс - один из лидеров чикагского блюза.

Учился играть в Техасе, в середине 50-х годов начал профессиональную карьеру в группе луизианского короля музыки Клифтона Ченьера (Chenier Clifton). В 1957 под именем "Гитар Джуниор" (Guitar Junior) записал дебютный сингл. Первые синглы имели успех только в Луизиане, но благодаря им Лонни Брукс получил работу в престижном и популярном шоу Сэма Кука.

В 60-х годах обосновался в Чикаго, значительно изменил свой музыкальный стиль в пользу чикагского блюза и отказался от псевдонима, поскольку в Чикаго был уже свой "Гитар Джуниор" - Лютер "Джорджия Бой" Джонсон (Luther Georgia Boy Johnson). Записывал синглы на небольших чикагских фирмах, в 1967 записал ритм-энд-блюзовый хит Let It All Hang Out на фирме Chess. Вернулся к луизианскому стилю и старому псевдониму на записи дебютного альбома в 1969, выпущенного крупной фирмой Capitol. Альбом не имел коммерческого успеха. В 1975 выступил в европейских гастролях большого блюзового ревю и записал в Париже альбом при участии Хьюберта Самлина. Настоящим прорывом стало участие в 1978 в антологии чикагского клубного блюза, созданной фирмой Alligator в серии Livin Chicago Blues. Эти записи позволили Бруксу подписать долгосрочный контракт с Alligator.

Лонни Брукс успешно сочетает роковую подачу с блюзовыми чикагскими традициями. Он блестящий шоумен, умеющий устанавливать тесный контакт с публикой, благодаря чему его клубные концерты пользуются неизменным успехом. Брукс - изобретательный импровизатор, один из немногих на современной сцене, кто непременно включает в свои выступления развернутое и разнообразное гитарное соло.



Long before Lonnie Brooks was headlining major blues festivals and sharing stages with the likes of Eric Clapton, he was forging his bayou-swamp-music-meets-Chicago-blues-via-Texas style. Born Lee Baker, Jr. in Dubuisson, Louisiana on December 18, 1933, he began his career playing everything from rock 'n' roll to country & western and R&B. Originally desiring to play banjo (his grandfather was an accomplished banjo player), Lonnie instead mastered the guitar. His first professional job came when zydeco legend Clifton Chenier saw him playing guitar on his front porch and drafted him into the famous Red Hot Louisiana Band. In the mid-1950s, Brooks, now known as Guitar Junior, cut a series of Gulf Coast proto-rock 'n' roll hits for the Goldband label, now considered swamp rock classics. He hitched a ride with Sam Cooke's touring caravan and got off in Chicago in 1960. Because Chicago already had a Guitar Junior, he changed his name to Lonnie Brooks, and jumped headlong into Chicago blues. He joined Jimmy Reed's touring band, and also recorded singles for Mercury, Chess and other labels in the 1960s, before Capitol released Brooks' first album, BROKE AND HUNGRY (under the name Guitar Junior) in 1969.
During the 1960s and 1970s, Brooks performed regularly in some of Chicago's toughest clubs, playing blues, rock, and R&B (and backing up strippers) for audiences composed of pimps, hookers and gangsters. Although he was forced to perform other artist's hits, he was never without a gig. His big break came in 1978, when Brooks introduced four songs on Alligator Records Living Chicago Blues anthology. By now he had forged his own sound - a vibrant mix of rock 'n' roll, R&B, funky Cajun boogie, country twang, and hard Chicago blues, a style his band dubbed "voodoo blues. "The success of these recordings led him to a full recording contract with the label and a series of stellar albums, each loaded with Brooks' signature guitar playing and rich, expressive vocals. And, as anyone who has seen him in concert can attest, his live shows are legendary for kick-starting parties and spreading good times like wildfire. "Sheer energy and excitement,"raved the Village Voice, "Brooks brings an original brilliance to the blues. "


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