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     Gene Harris

Real name: Eugene Harris
Born: Sep 1, 1933 in Benton Harbor, MI
Died: Jan 16, 2000
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Hard Bop, Fusion, Soul-Jazz
Instruments: Piano

One of the most accessible of all jazz pianists, Gene Harris's soulful style (influenced by Oscar Peterson and containing the bluesiness of a Junior Mance) was immediately likable and predictably excellent. After playing in an Army band (1951-54), he formed a trio with bassist Andy Simpkins and drummer Bill Dowdy which was by 1956 known as the Three Sounds. The group was quite popular and recorded regularly during 1956-70 for Blue Note and Verve. Although the personnel changed and the music became more R&B-oriented in the early '70s, Harris retained the Three Sounds name for his later Blue Note sets. He retired to Boise, ID, in 1977 and was largely forgotten when Ray Brown persuaded him to return to the spotlight in the early '80s. Harris worked for a time with the Ray Brown Trio and led his own quartets in the years to follow, recording regularly for Concord and heading the Phillip Morris Superband on a few tours; 1998's Tribute to Count Basie even earned a Grammy nomination. While awaiting a kidney transplant, he died January 16, 2000 at the age of 66.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Gene Harris - 'Ballad Essentials' - 2003, Concord Jazz
 Gene Harris - 'Big Band Soul: Live At Town Hall, N.Y.C. World Tour 1990' - 2002, Concord Jazz
 Gene Harris - 'Black And Blue' - 1991, Concord Jazz
 Gene Harris - 'Black Orchid' - 1962, Blue Note
 Gene Harris - 'Brotherhood' - 1995, Concord Jazz
 Gene Harris - 'Funky Gene's' - 1994, Concord Jazz
 Gene Harris - 'Listen Here !' - 1989, Concord Jazz
 Gene Harris - 'Live At Otter Crest' - 2001, Concord Jazz
 Gene Harris - 'Live In London' - 1996, Resonance
 Gene Harris - 'The Gene Harris Trio Plus One' - 1986, Concord Jazz
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 Anita O'Day - 'Anita O'Day: Diva Series' - 2003, Verve
 Melvin Rhyne - 'Organ-izing' - 1960, OJC
 The Three Sounds - 'Bottoms Up!' - 2005, Blue Note
 The Three Sounds - 'Elegant Soul' - 2008, Blue Note
 The Three Sounds - 'Good Deal' - 2004, Blue Note
 The Three Sounds - 'Live At The 'It Club', Vol.1' - 1996, Blue Note
 The Three Sounds - 'Live At The 'It Club', Vol.2' - 2000, Blue Note
 The Three Sounds - 'Moods' - 2004, Blue Note
 The Three Sounds - 'Standards' - 1998, Blue Note
 Stanley Turrentine - 'Blue Hour' - 1960, Blue Note

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