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     Benny Green

Real name: Benny Green.
Born: Apr 4, 1963 in New York, NY.
Genres: Jazz.
Styles: Hard Bop.
Instruments: Piano

Although not yet an innovator himself, Benny Green has managed to combine the styles of Bobby Timmons, Wynton Kelly, Gene Harris and especially Oscar Peterson in his playing; his fast octave runs are often wondrous. He grew up in Berkeley and played as a teenager with Joe Henderson and Woody Shaw. After moving to New York he spent important periods with Betty Carter (1983-87) and Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers (1987-89), becoming quite well-known during the latter association. In addition to working with Freddie Hubbard, Green popped up in many bop-oriented settings for a few years before joining Ray Brown's Trio in 1992. At the same time he has worked with his own trio which originally included Christian McBride and Carl Allen. When Oscar Peterson in 1992 was asked to name his protegй for a concert, Green was his choice. Benny Green has recorded for Criss Cross and Blue Note in addition to his work with Ray Brown on Telarc and his earlier Blakey dates.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Benny Green - 'Green's Blues' - 2001, Telarc
 Benny Green - 'Jazz At The Bistro' - 2003, Telarc, Lider
 Benny Green - 'Magic Beans' - 2013, Sunnyside
 Benny Green - 'That's Right' - 1992, Blue Note
 Benny Green - 'These Are Soulful Days' - 1999, Blue Note
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 Ray Brown - 'Some Of My Best Friends Are.. The Piano Players' - 1995, Telarc Jazz
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 Bob Belden - 'Straight To My Heart: The Music Of Sting' - 1991, Blue Note
 Terence Blanchard - 'Monterey Jazz Festival: 50th Anniversary All-Stars' - 2008, Concord, Monterey Jazz
 Ray Brown - 'Don't Get Sassy' - 1994, Telarc Jazz
 Ray Brown - 'Live At Scullers Jazz Club' - 1996, Telarc
 Ray Brown - 'Some Of My Best Friends Are.. The Sax Players' - 1996, Telarc
 Anat Cohen - 'Clarinetwork: Live At The Village Vanguard' - 2010, Anzic Records
 Tim Hagans - 'Hub Songs: The Music Of Freddie Hubbard' - 1998, Blue Note
 Geoffrey Keezer - 'Sublime: Honoring The Music Of Hank Jones' - 2003, Telarc
 Kristin Korb - 'Introducing Kristin Korb With The Ray Brown Trio' - 2009, Telarc
 Diana Krall - 'All For You' - 1996, Impulse!
 Jay Leonhart - 'Fly Me To The Moon' - 2008, Venus, Tokuma Records
 Houston Person - 'The Lion And His Pride' - 1994, Muse
 Oscar Peterson - 'Live At The Town Hall' - 1997, Telarc Jazz
 Lew Tabackin - 'I'll Be Seeing You' - 1992, Concord Jazz
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 Clark Terry - 'One On One' - 2000, Chesky
 Various Artists - 'The Art Of Jazz' - 1999, Blue Note
 Jack Walrath - 'Out Of The Tradition' - 1992, Muse

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