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     Gautier De Coincy

Born: 1177 in Coincy-l'Abbaye, France
Died: Sep 25, 1236 in Soissons

Gautier de Coincy is credited with the composition of "Miracles de Nostre-Dame" (the miracles of our lady). This is a lengthy mass narrative of 30,000 lines which he ascribed to a lengthy Latin manuscript. The work is very important as it is the earliest abundant source of sacred songs in the vernacular. It also contained an abundant litany of songs written in honor of Mary. He may have employed the use of secular melodies in the rendering of this narrative characterized for its dolce sentiment.

- Keith Johnson (All Music Guide)

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 Alla Francesca - 'Gautier De Coincy: Les Miracles De Nostre-Dame' - 1995, Opus 111
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 Brigitte Lesne - 'Ave Eva: Songs Of Womanhood From The 12th And 13th Centuries' - 1995, Opus 111

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