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     Il Seminario Musicale

Founded: 1985 - France

Il Seminario Musicale (= ISM) was founded in 1985 by Gerard Lesne, who brought together singers and instrumentalists who share his interest in Italian and French music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The players perform on period instruments and strive to recapture the inventiveness and narrative character of baroque music in works by composers such as Monteverdi, Cavalli, Scarlatti, Antonio Vivaldi, Bononcini, Antonio Caldara, Galuppi and Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Francois Couperin, Charpentier, Brossard, among others.

The Ensemble changes to meet the requirement of each work performed. Its basic members make up a rich and varied continuo group (theorbo, cello, bassoon, double bass, organ and harpsichord) which accompanies one or more solo singers, but its forces can be expanded by adding anything from a string quartet to the kind of small orchestra needed for performing chamber opera. The Ensemble is directed jointly by the continuo group and the singers.

Il Seminario Musicale has recently performed in he main baroque festivals in France and elsewhere in Europe: Germany, the UK, Belgium, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Norway, Finland and Sweden, and has toured extensively in many countries, including Canada, Japan, Singapour, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia.

The Ensemble Il Seminario Musicale has achieved great success with tenty-one recording dedicated to A. Vivaldi, Monteverdi, A. Caldara and Handel, Charpentier and Couperin, Bononcini and Galuppi, Alessandro Scarlatti, Stradella, G.B. Pergolesi, Brossard: "Academie Charles Cros" for the Stabat Mater - A. Vivaldi, "Victoire de la Musique 1994" for the Lecons de Tenebres du Vendredi - Charpentier, "Victoire de la musique 1996" for the Lecons de Tenebres du Jeudi et Vendredi - Charpentier, "Victoire de la Musique 1997" for the lamentations du Mercredi saint - Jommelli, "Premio internazionale del disco per la Musica Antica Italiana" by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini Venezia for the motets by Galuppi.

Since 1990, the ensemble has been based at the fondation Royaumont. The ensemble Il Seminario Musicale receives funding from the Ministry of Culture and the Conseil General of Val d'Oise and is sponsored by the Fondation d'entreprise Hewlett-Packard France. The French government body AFAA-ministere des affaires etrangeres contributes towards the development of Il Seminario Musicale's activities outside France.


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  как основной соисполнитель ...
 Gerard Lesne - 'Bononcini: Amarilli Cantates Pour Alto Solo Sonates' - 1993, Virgin
 Henry Purcell - 'O Solitude' - 2004, Naive, Astree
  как соисполнитель ...
 Johann Adolf Hasse - 'I Pellegrini Al Sepolcro Di Nostro Signore' - 1998, Virgin
 Gerard Lesne - 'Antonio Caldara: Cantatas. Alessandro Stradella: Motets' - 1999, EMI, Virgin Classics, Veritas
 Gerard Lesne - 'Brossard: Lecons Des Morts' - 1997, Virgin
 Gerard Lesne - 'Cantatas' - 2008, Virgin Classics
 Gerard Lesne - 'Dans Un Bois Solitaire. Cantates Francaises' - 1999, EMI, Virgin Classics, Veritas
 Gerard Lesne - 'Vivaldi: Motetto 633, Stabat Mater 621, Intro Miserere 638, Nisi Dominus 608' - 1988, Harmonic
 Claudio Monteverdi - 'Salve Regina' - 1990, EMI, Virgin Classics, Veritas

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