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     Sebastien De Brossard

Born: 1655
Died: Aug 10, 1730
Genre: Classical
Instruments: Vocals, Lute

Brossard did not have much formal training but was, nevertheless, a composer, theorist and lute player. He was a priest at Notre Dame and composed a number of sacred works, notably motets, oratorios, masses, and cantatas. (Prior to this he had composed a number of chansons and airs as well.) He wrote a number of treatises and collected many works that originated outside of France. Some of the publications by Brossard included dictionaries, collections, and catalogues. Characteristics of his music were extensive crescendos in a single vocal piece, initiation of the violin sonata in France, and harmonies that can only be considered ordinary.

- Keith Johnson (All Music Guide)

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  как основной соисполнитель ...
 Gerard Lesne - 'Brossard: Lecons Des Morts' - 1997, Virgin

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