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     Jose Marin

Born: or 1619 1618 - Madrid - Spain
Died: before 17 March 1699 - Madrid - Spain

The century (17th) is brought to a close by Jose Marin (1619-1699), whose career reads like a picaresque novel (he seems to have combined murder and highway robbery with composing and singing in church choirs). He was imprisoned and sentenced to the galleys, but managed to escape, and ended his days in an exemplary manner. His song "Corazon que en prision" (Heart That in Duress), is supposed to refer to the period of his imprisonment. He wrote music for zarzuelas by the dramatist Juan Bautista Diamante, one of the followers of Calderon.


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 Jose Marin - 'Tonos Humanos' - 1998, AliaVox
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 Jordi Savall - 'El Barroco Espanol' - 1978, EMI
 Jordi Savall - 'Espana Antigua II: El Barroco Espanol: Spanish Secular Music, C.1640-1700' - 1998, Virgin
 Jordi Savall - 'Harmonie Universelle' - 2001, AliaVox

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