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     Carol Welsman

Genre Jazz
Styles: Vocal Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz

Although Carol Welsman has moved to the Los Angeles area, she is best known in her native Canada. While frequently identified with smooth jazz, she has also recorded vintage standards and can swing in straight-ahead jazz settings, too. Her father was a big jazz fan with a large record collection, introducing his daughter to jazz. Not only did she hear his records, but from the age of 12 she often accompanied him to concerts, developing a love for the singing of Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra, and Mel Torme. Welsman played guitar from the age of ten, accompanying her singing of bossa novas and folk music. She began to perform jazz more in her late teens. Welsman attended the Berklee College of Music during 1980-1981 and studied voice in France with Christiane Legrand. She started the Welcar Music label in Toronto, recording her debut CD, Lucky to Be Me, in 1995. She performed throughout Canada and also worked as a jazz vocal professor at the University of Toronto. During 2004-2005 she toured in Japan, Italy, and Brazil in addition to Canada and worked a bit in Los Angeles as a singer/pianist, but Carol Welsman has yet to become well known in the U.S. despite being a household name in Canada.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Carol Welsman - 'Carol Welsman' - 2007, Justin Time
 Carol Welsman - 'I Like Men: Reflections Of Miss Peggy Lee' - 2009, Welcar
 Carol Welsman - 'Inclined' - 1996, Justin Time
 Carol Welsman - 'Journey' - 2012, Justin Time
 Carol Welsman - 'Lucky To Be Me' - 1995, Welcar
 Carol Welsman - 'Memories Of You' - 2009, Muzak, Inc.
 Carol Welsman - 'Swing Ladies, Swing' - 1999, Welcar
 Carol Welsman - 'The Language Of Love' - 2003, Columbia
 Carol Welsman - 'What'cha Got Cookin'?' - 2006, Columbia

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