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     Dominique Pifarely

Dominique Pifarely modernized jazz violin, combining extraordinary technical skills with an inclusive idea of music-making. He has been soon very in-demand as a straight jazz player, but was soon in some of the more adventurous groups in Europe, too, including Mike Westbrook's band (On Dukes' Birthday, hatART) and the Vienna Art Orchestra.

In 1979, he began touring with bassist Didier Levallet and guitarist Gerard Marais as a trio. In the 1980s he began leading his own bands, as can be heard on 2 records, Insula Dulcamara (1988) et Oblique (1992).

In 1985, Pifarely started to work with reedist Louis Sclavis and in 1992, they formed the Sclavis/Pifarely Acoustic Quartet, featuring guitarist Marc Ducret and bassist Bruno Chevillon, and recorded for ECM. In the late 1990s, he started a duo work with pianist Francois Couturier, and they recorded a prominent album (Poros, ECM, 1997).

Dominique Pifarely is now focusing on different personal projects. Impromptu is a development of the collaboration with Francois Couturier, adding counter tenor Dominique Visse and a work on contemporary poetry. He also initiated numerous text/music experiences with french writer Francois Bon and actors Violaine Schwartz and Pierre Baux. The Dedales ensemble is a acoustic nine piece band. He founded in 2007 a trio with keyboard player Julien Padovani and drummer Eric Groleau.

In his mature style, the classical violin tradition and the swing lessons combine with a contemporary European sonic exploration ; his technical mastery and quick imagination allow him to move seamlessly between these worlds.

He regularly performs in whole Europe, and has been touring in USA, Canada, Japan, India, Middle East, Latin America or Africa.


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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Dominique Pifarely - 'Poros' - 1998, ECM
  как соисполнитель ...
 Rabih Abou-Khalil - 'Yara' - 1999, Enja
 Vincent Courtois - 'The Fitting Room' - 2001, Enja
 Eddy Louiss - 'Multicolor Feeling Fanfare' - 1989, Nocturne
 Eddy Louiss - 'Multicolor Feeling Fanfare Live' - 1991, Nocturne
 Louis Sclavis - 'Chamber Music' - 1989, Ida
 Louis Sclavis - 'Chine' - 1987, Ida
 Louis Sclavis - 'Les Violences De Rameau' - 2001, ECM
 Andreas Willers - 'The Ground Music' - 2000, Enja

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