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     Isabelle Desrochers

Graduating with a diploma in early music from the University of Montreal, Isabelle Desrochers was awarded first prize in interpretation in 1988 in the class of William Christie at the CNSM in Paris.

In addition to her studies, she joined the ensemble La Chapelle Royale under the direction of Philippe Herreweghe and collaborated with the ensemble Les Arts Florissants with whom she sang her first role in Atys by Lully (premiered in 1986, with reprises in 1988 and 1992). She has participated in numerous other productions, among which Dido and Aeneas, The Fairy Queen (Festival of Aix-en-Provence), le Malade Imaginaire (Chatelet, 1990), Medee by Charpentier, premiered in 1993 with a reprise in 1994 (Caen, Montpellier, Lisbon, New York) and Les Metamorphoses de Psyche by Lully-Molliere (1999). As a soloist Isabelle Desrochers has also been invited by numerous baroque conductors such as Jean-Claude Malgoire, Christophe Coin, Skip Sempe, Daniel Cuiller, and in Canada with the ensembles Arion and Les Idees Heureuses.

Philippe Lenael and the Printemps des Arts de Nantes have invited her for numerous productions such as the programme Airs de Cour (amongst which at the Villa Medici, Rome and the Festival de Citta del Castello) and for the role of Aricie in Hippolyte et Aricie by Rameau (Utrecht Festival 2001, Lucon, Angers, the Royal Theatre of Versailles in 2002). She has demonstrated a remarkable ease in the art of rhetoric gesture.

Next to the actor Alain Carre, she attracted attention in Amours et folies, a production inspired by Lafontaine (Printemps de Bruxelles, Festival de Perouges, Annecy 1998, Simione la Rotonde 1999).

With the Peniche Opera and Mireille Larroche she was Louise in Le Jardin des Delices with the ensemble Han-Tang Yuefu of Taiwan (Utrecht, Sable, Opera Comique, Taipei 2000).

It is the theatrical aspect of her career which presently captivates Isabelle Desrochers. She created the role of Evaavabette in the Alfredo Arias' production of Concha bonita at the Theatre de Chaillot in December 2002 and January 2003.

Isabelle Desrochers teaches vocal baroque interpretation at the Academie de Lisieux, at the Academie Internationale de Sable sur Sarthe, and at the Conservatoire de Toulouse.


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