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     Daniel Danielis

Born: ca. 1635 in Vise
Dead: Sep 17, 1696 in Vannes
Genre: Vocal Music
Country: Belgium

Daniel Danielis is born in Vise near Luik (Liege in French) in Belgium. In that time Luik was a prince-diocese belonging to the german empire. After his studies in Maastricht he was an organist at the Saint-Lambert church. Then he was offered a position in Germany at the court of the count of Mecklembourg-Gustrow. There he worked till 1683. Then he left Germany for a position as 'maitre de musique' at the cathedral of Vannes in France where he worked till his dead in 1696.

Since he had his first lessons in the Netherlands (Maastricht) he would have felt the influence of Sweelinck. Also other German masters have influenced his work. His position at the court of Mecklembourgh-Gustrow let him to explore the more Italian style, which was fancy at that time in Germany. This can be remarked in his instrumental works. His position in France made the synergy of styles complete. At that time the French style became to his full potential. Indeed, in his later works of France a considerable influence of Charpentier and Couperin is remarkable.

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