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     Lars Danielsson

Genre: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop, Fusion, Modern Creative
Instruments: Bass

Lars Danielsson is one of the top jazz bass players in Sweden. His deeply melodic playing has provided depth to the music of an international cast of jazz players including vocalist Caecilie Norby, saxophonist Rick Margitza, guitarist John Abercrombie, trumpet player Kenny Wheeler, and percussionist Trilok Gurtu. He recorded with Lars Jansson's Trio 84 and the Eternal Now and the Lars Jansson Trio. A member of Hans Ulrik's Jazzpar 99 Combo, which featured guitarist John Scofield and drummer Peter Erskine, Danielsson subsequently performed, along with saxophone/clarinet player Tony Coe, in Carsten Dahl's Jazzpar 2000 Combo.

Danielsson has garnered considerable acclaim as a bandleader. His 1994 album, Far North, featured accompaniment by soprano saxophonist David Liebman, pianist Bobo Stenson, and drummer Jon Christensen, while his 1997 album, Origo, was recorded with guitarist John Abercrombie and drummer Adam Nussbaum. 2005's sparse and thoughtful Libera Me featured the Danish Radio Concert Orchestra, 2007's Pasodoble relied heavily on the nimble hands of Polish pianist Leszek Mozdzer, and 2009's Tarantella covered a whole range of genres, including Euro-classical chamber music and traditional Scandinavian folk.

- Craig Harris (All Music Guide)

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CD коллекции, связанные с исполнителем:
  как основной исполнитель ...
 Lars Danielsson - 'Liberetto' - 2012, ACT
 Lars Danielsson - 'Pasodoble' - 2007, ACT
 Lars Danielsson - 'Tarantella' - 2009, ACT
  как соисполнитель ...
 Rebekka Bakken - 'Is That You?' - 2009, Emarcy
 Adam Baldych - 'Imaginary Room' - 2012, ACT
 Tore Brunborg - 'Gravity' - 2003, Vossa Jazz
 Rigmor Gustafsson - 'Alone With You' - 2007, ACT
 Arve Henriksen - 'Cartography' - 2008, ECM
 Anders Kjellberg - 'Point' - 1998, Dragon
 Youn Sun Nah - 'Some Girl' - 2010, ACT, Warner Music (Korea)
 Youn Sun Nah - 'Voyage' - 2009, ACT
 Caecilie Norby - 'Arabesque' - 2011, ACT
 Caecilie Norby - 'My Corner Of The Sky' - 1997, Capitol
 Mats Rondin - 'Isidor: Mats Rondin Plays The Music Of Lars Danielsson And Cennet Jonsson' - 2009, Prophone
 Viktoria Tolstoy - 'Pictures Of Me' - 2006, ACT
 Viktoria Tolstoy - 'Shining On You' - 2003, ACT, High Note
 Ulf Wakenius - 'First Step' - 2003, Spice of Life Inc., Impgena
 Ulf Wakenius - 'Forever You' - 2004, Stunt
 Ulf Wakenius - 'Vagabond' - 2012, Act
 Julian Wasserfuhr - 'Gravity' - 2011, ACT
 Julian Wasserfuhr - 'Upgraded In Gothenburg' - 2009, ACT

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