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     Bugge Wesseltoft

There is no musician or artist in the world that is not inspired by others. However, the important thing is to let inspiration develop, to work towards finding a unique means of personal expression. This is what I believe and is what I have always tried to achieve ... to find my own thing, my own voice. I dont want to be another carbon copy of any great musician, past or present: I don't see the point of that. There have been so many good things done before, but one must find ones own sound.

Early Years

Jens Christian Bugge Wesseltoft was born February 1st, 1964 in Porsgrunn and raised in the neighbouring city of Skien, around 100km south-west of Oslo. Jazz music filled Bugges world from an early age by virtue of his Jazz guitarist father, Erik Wesseltoft.

Bugge started practicing on the piano at age 3, and by the age of 7, he had begun taking lessons, but after a short time he stopped these, instead choosing to learn by himself. Bugge played tuba and the bass drum in his schools marching band, where he met Audun Kleive who gave him further insights into the world of jazz.

Beginning with a punk band, Bugge has played in bands from around the age of 16. At that time he was also meeting with friends to jam at home in the basement, playing different kinds of material. Through his fascination with electronic sounds, Bugge soon bought his first synthesizer and electric piano. His growing fascination with electronic sounds culminated in his purchase of a synthesizer and an electric piano.

In 1984, Bugge joined his father in Oslo to start preparatory school in music. However, once again Bugge avoided the constraints of a formal musical education, and chose self-education as his musical path; to this day he has not had any formal musical education.

Growing up

By the late 1980s in Oslo, Bugge became involved in different projects in the Norwegian pop/rock scene, and in some Norwegian jazz groups like U and Z, Et Cetera and Oslo Groove Company. Bugge was also in The Talisman Group from 1988. It was during this time that he became recognised as a talented pianist, and in 1989, he played for the first time with the Knut Risn?s Quartet at the trendy Oslo Jazzhouse. Shortly afterwards, Arild Andersen and Jan Garbarek made contact with him.

Playing Among the Stars

Having joined Arild Andersens band in 1990, Bugge participated in Sagn, Arild's commissioned work for Vossa Jazz. He was also part of the recording of this work for ECM (Bugge would appear again with Arild in the recording of Arv, ECM, 1994.) In the same year, he also participated in performing Jan Garbarek's commission for the Molde International Jazz Festival, Molde Canticle, and in its subsequent recording that appeared on Garbareks album I Took Up The Runes, ECM 1990. Bugge became more and more involved with the best musicians on the Norwegian jazz scene at that time. In 1991, he joined a quartet with Nils Petter Molv?r, Bjorn Kjellemyr and Audun Kleive, and he also became member of Terje Rypdal's quintet; in 1992, he joined Jon Eberson's Jazzpunkensemble.

Taking the Lead

The Vossa Jazz Festival organisers recognised Bugges talent, and in 1993 they commissioned him to compose a work for the festival. Bugge was now presented with an opportunity to give his music wide exposure, and to choose the musicians that would work on it with him; it was an opportunity he could neither refuse nor approach with indifference. He composed A Little War Story, and brought on board a heavyweight line-up of musicians to deliver a top quality performance: Terje Rypdal, Jon Christensen, Bjorn Kjellemyr, Nils Petter Molvaer, Vidar Johansen and Rune Arnesen.

In distinct contrast to the scale of A Little War Story, Bugge began his duo project with vocalist Sidsel Endresen that same year. The main characteristic of the duo, which plays standard songs as well as its own material, is to expand boundaries in exploring and experimenting in the field of improvisation. The combination of these two artists, each charged with spontaneity, curiosity and audacity, is exciting and electric, and it has become a critical cliche to comment upon the synchronicity and almost telepathic bond between Sidsel and Bugge. The duo has produced highly original performances with a unique sound on three albums: Nightsong Curling Legs, 1994; Duplex Ride Curling Legs, 1998; and Out Here In There Jazzland 2002. The duo has been the subject of international as well as domestic critical acclaim. They have toured Europe extensively, and have also toured in China. Bugge can also be heard on Sidsels Exile ECM, 1994, and her album Undertow Jazzland, 2000.



Дженс Кристиан Бадджи Уэссельтофт - норвежский джазмен, пианист, композитор и продюсер, а также обладатель собственного лейбла Jazzland Records.

И если начинал Бадджи с традиционной школы норвежского джаза, множество примеров которой можно видеть на лейбле ECM, то к середине 90-х музыкант сместился в своём творчестве ближе к направлению модерн-джаз и ню-джаз, примешивая в академическое звучание современные электронные элементы вроде техно-бита.


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