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     The L.A. Chillharmonic

Guitarist Richard Smith is one of the most prolific and popular veterans of Contemporary Jazz, and L.A. CHILLHARMONIC brings some of Smith'ss high profile L.A. based peers together on this, his Artistry Music debut. Joining Richard are Greg Adams, Alex Acuna, Brian Bromberg, Vinnie Colaiuta, Gregg Karukas, Jeff Lorber, Eric Marienthal, Michael Paulo and Patrice Rushen

Alex Acuna
Greg Adams
Brian Bromberg
Vinnie Colaiuta
Gregg Karukas
Jeff Lorber
Eric Marienthal
Lee Thornburg
Nick Lane
Sean Holt
Tolak Ollstead
Dan Siegel
Herman Jackson (Stevie Wonder)

A collection of the top L.A.based contemporary jazz and rhythm and blues artists, in a truly all-star effort. Contributors include Richard Smith(leader), Brian Bomberg, Alex Acuna, Vinnie Colaiuta Jeff Lorber, Greg Adams (long-time member/arranger for Tower of Power), Dan Siegel, and many more.

In the process of signing an international deal, and planning an all-star world tour for Spring and Summer '08, stay tuned!

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 The L.A. Chillharmonic - 'The L.A. Chillharmonic' - 2008, Artistry

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