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     The Poll Winners

Genre: Jazz
Styles: Bop, Cool

This West Coast combo won the Down Beat poll. The band includes Barney Kessel on guitar; Ray Brown on bass, and drummer Shelly Mann. Formed in 1957, they recorded four albums before disbanding in 1960, but reunited for a record date in 1975.

- David Szatmary (All Music Guide)

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 The Poll Winners - 'Poll Winners: Exploring The Scene' - 1960, OJC
 The Poll Winners - 'Straight Ahead' - 1975, OJC
 The Poll Winners - 'The Poll Winners' - 1957, OJC
 The Poll Winners - 'The Poll Winners: Ride Again' - 1959, Contemporary, OJC
 The Poll Winners - 'The Poll Winners: Three' - 1959, OJC

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