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     Pamela Luss

As seen on the Jerry Lewis Telethon, Pamela Luss is a contemporary jazz vocalist blessed with a beautiful voice, remarkable timing, and sumptuous intonation. She sings classic standards, swinging jazz, and worthwhile tunes from some of the unexplored corners of the Great American Songbook in a fresh and original way. She covers a wide range of stylistic ground, from traditional ballads to pop hits to Latin songs and the blues, in interpretations that can be either catchy and finger snapping or slow and tender - and everything in between. As famed showbiz personality Jerry Stiller told her, "You're in great company: Billie, Ella, and Helen Humes. They all had soul and so do you. Thank you for changing my universe when you sing."

Over the last three years, Pamela has released three albums on Savant/ HighNote Records: Magnet (2008), Your Eyes (2007), and There's Something About You I Don't Know (2006). The latest two albums team her with the Grammy-nominated producer Todd Barkan (of Jazz At Lincoln Center) and the talented pianist-arranger John diMartino. As Michael Steinmann wrote in Cadence magazine about Magnet, "Luss' vocal instrument is beautiful in itself, cooing and intense, with a kind of steely tenderness that makes "Bewitched" come alive with renewed emotional depths."

Magnet also places Pamela in the stellar company of a remarkable cast of accompanying soloists, including the veteran Houston Person and the rising stars Joel Frahm, Dominick Farinacci, and Mike Moreno. In addition, there's a very special duet between Pamela and the venerated vocalist Freddy Cole, which is truly a once-in-a-lifetime magical pairing.

"There's a warmth and soft delicacy that advances Luss from the middle of the contemporary jazz-cabaret vocal pack," writes Christopher Loudon of JazzTimes, "placing her squarely behind front runner Jane Monheit."

From a very early age, Pamela knew that she wanted to be a singer. "My mom tells me that when I was really young, I would imitate the sound of the hair blow dryer, and I could sing back the tones of a busy signal on the telephone." Pamela's exceptional pitch was apparent early on and remains strong today as one of the identifying features of a uniquely smooth voice with unusual fullness and purity of tone.

Growing up in Connecticut, Chicago, & Manhattan, Pamela studied music and took voice lessons. She learned to love jazz and The Great American Songbook thanks to her father, a talented avocational pianist who spent hours illustrating to her what makes the great songs and the great singers great. She majored in music at New York University.

Pamela first emerged as a professional singer with long-running gigs at several prominent New York venues, including Mannahatta and the Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club. She also began performing at private functions, most notably at a film premiere party thrown by the actor and filmmaker Matthew Modine.


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