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Genre: World
Styles: Film Music, Jewish Music, Traditional Middle Eastern Folk, Klezmer, Eastern Europe, World Fusion

The band Davka consists of Adam Levenson (doumbek, zarb), Daniel Hoffman (violin), and Moses Sedler (cello). Based out of California's Bay Area, the group blends traditional Jewish melodies with Middle Eastern rhythms; jazz improvisation with classical technique. Davka performed regularly in their home area of Berkeley and San Francisco, and once played with Israeli pop star Noa. In 1995, Davka began playing more distant venues, and have since performed at the annual Ashkenaz Festival of New Yiddish Culture in Toronto (more than once), New York's Knitting Factory, and a multicultural festival in West Virginia.

- Joslyn Layne (All Music Guide)

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www.thefreight.org/davka About
www.davkamusic.com Personal website. About, discography
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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Davka - 'Davka Live' - 2005, Tzadik
 Davka - 'Judith' - 1999, Tzadik
 Davka - 'Lavy's Dream' - 2001, Tzadik
 Davka - 'The Golem' - 2003, Tzadik

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