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     Adam Rogers

Adam Rogers was born and raised in New York City. He studied jazz guitar with Barry Galbraith, Howard Collins and John Scofield. During his four years at the Mannes Conservatory of Music he studied Classical Guitar with Frederic Hand. Since the beginning of his professional career he has played on over Two Hundred commercially released recordings and toured extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, South America, The Middle East and Russia. Adam has been enthusiastically reviewed in the New York Times, Downbeat, Jazz Times, The Village Voice, Newsweek, Jazz Hot, The Chicago Sun Times and Tower Pulse Magazine among numerous other periodicals worldwide.

For eleven years he co-led the innovative and critically acclaimed group Lost Tribe, which has toured nationally and internationally, releasing three albums. Adam has also been featured performing, touring and recording with artists such as Michael Brecker, Cassandra Wilson, Norah Jones, Walter Becker ( of Steely Dan ), Regina Carter, John Zorn, Randy Brecker, Laurie Anderson, The Mingus Orchestra, Terence Blanchard, Simon Shaheen, The Gil Evans Orchestra, John Pattitucci, Ravi Coltrane, Bill Evans, Lizz Wright, The Brecker Brothers, Jacky Terrasson, Kenny Barron, George Russell, Brian Blade, Eliane Elias, Alana Davis, David Krakauer, The Neptunes, Giora Feidman, Jack Mcduff, Larry Coryell, Chris Potter and Ronald Shannon Jackson among others, as well as playing music for the theater with The Great Lakes Theater Company, Joseph Papp's Public Theater and The Metropolitan Opera. In the summer of 1999 he was the featured soloist with the Dresden Symphony Orchestra performing John Mclaughlin's "Apocalypse". He has also maintained a presence in the N.Y.C. studio world having played on the soundtracks of numerous films and television commercial jingles.

Recently, Adam has been focusing more on recording and performing original music with his own groups. His debut CD on Criss Cross Records, "Art of the Invisible", featuring Edward Simon-Piano, Scott Colley-bass and Clarence Penn-Drums, was released in 2002. The follow up, "Allegory", in 2003, is with the same rhythm section plus Chris Potter on Saxophone. Featuring the group from "Allegory", his third release, "Apparitions", was released in April 2005. A new trio record, "Time and the Infinite" with Scott Colley and Bill Stewart was released in February of 2007.

Adam continues to reside in N.Y.C.


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