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     Mat Maneri

Born: 1969
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Jazz
Instruments: Violin, Violin (Electric), Viola

Son of microtonal clarinetist, saxophonist, pianist, improviser, theorist, and composer Joseph Maneri, Mat Maneri began playing music with his father when he was only seven. Though Joseph is himself a near-legend among avant-garde and jazz musicians, son Mat has already surpassed his father's recorded output in the course of his relatively short career. Specializing in various violin derivatives, Mat plays the five-string viola, the electric six-string violin, and the baritone violin. He has worked with the Joe Morris Quartet, recorded numerous albums with his father, and also made guest appearances with Club d'Elf. His solo albums have been released on ECM, Leo Records, and the Swiss label Hat Hut. As the Mat Maneri Trio, he released So What on Hat Hut in 1998. That album featured Mat with Randy Peterson on drums and Matthew Shipp on piano. Another trio album, featuring Mat, Peterson, and Ed Schuller on bass, was released in 1999, entitled Fifty-One Sorrows. Blue Decco followed a year later; Trinity was issued in early 2001.

- Stacia Proefrock (All Music Guide)

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 Mat Maneri - 'Trinity' - 2001, ECM
  как основной соисполнитель ...
 Joe Maneri - 'Blessed' - 2001, ECM
 Joe Maneri - 'Out Right Now' - 2001, hatOLOGY
 Joe Maneri - 'Three Men Walking' - 1995, ECM
 Various Artists - 'Jam' - 2003, Hopscotch
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 Joel Harrison - 'The Music Of Paul Motian' - 2011, Sunnyside
 Pandelis Karayorgis - 'Between Speech And Song' - 1994, Cadence Jazz
 Joe Maneri - 'Dahabenzapple' - 1996, Hat Hut Records, hatART
 Joe Maneri - 'Get Ready To Receive Yourself' - 1995, Leo Records
 Joe Maneri - 'Going To Church' - 2002, AUM Fidelity
 Joe Maneri - 'In Full Cry' - 1997, ECM
 Joe Maneri - 'Let The Horse Go' - 1995, Leo
 Joe Maneri - 'Tenderly' - 1999, Hatology
 Matthew Shipp - 'By The Law Of Music' - 1996, Hat Hut Records, hatOLOGY
 Matthew Shipp - 'Expansion, Power, Release' - 2001, Hat Hut Records
 Craig Taborn - 'Junk Magic' - 2004, Thirsty Ear

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