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     Montserrat Figueras

Genre: Vocal Music
Country: Spain

Soprano Montserrat Figueras is an early music singer best known for her work with the group Hesperion XX (now known as Hesperion XXI). A member of a musical family, she studied singing as a young girl with Jordi Albareda, originally as part of her studies to be an actress. She joined a local chorus called Aleluya, and then, having developed an interest in early music, she joined Enris Gispert's Catalan early music ensemble Ars Musicae.

In 1968, Figueras married Jordi Savall, who was then a viol player for Ars Musicae. Together they traveled to Basel, Switzerland, to study there in the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and the Basle Music Academy. She, Savall, and keyboard player Ton Koopman recorded a successful LP called El barroco espanol. She and Savall, together with Lorenzo Alpert and Hopkinson Smith, then founded Hesperion XX, specializing in early music of the Italian and Iberian peninsulas.

Figueras also frequently performs with La Capella Reial de la Catalunya. Her solo programs center around repertory from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, but also include some modern works, as well as some Mozart.

- Joseph Stevenson (All Music Guide)

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CD коллекции, связанные с исполнителем:
  как основной исполнитель ...
 Montserrat Figueras - 'Battaglie & Lamenti' - 2000, AliaVox
 Montserrat Figueras - 'El Cant De La Sibil-la - Mallorca, Valencia' - 1998, AliaVox
 Montserrat Figueras - 'El Cant De La Sibil-la I - Catalunia' - 1988, Astree
 Montserrat Figueras - 'El Cant De La Sibil-la II - Galicia, Castilla' - 1996, Astree
 Montserrat Figueras - 'Lux Feminae' - 2006, AliaVox
 Montserrat Figueras - 'Ninna Nanna 1550-2002 (Berceuses)' - 2002, AliaVox
  как основной соисполнитель ...
 Giulio Caccini - 'Le Nuove Musiche, Firenze 1601' - 1990, Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, BMG
 Luis De Milan - 'El Maestro - Tomo II: Sonetos, Villancicos y Romances' - 1990, Astree, Auvidis
 Jose Marin - 'Tonos Humanos' - 1998, AliaVox
 Alonso Mudarra - 'Libro Terco De Musica' - 1994, Astree, Auvidis
 Jordi Savall - 'Diaspora Sefardi' - 1999, AliaVox
 Jordi Savall - 'Du Temps & De L'instant' - 2005, AliaVox
 Jordi Savall - 'Entremeses Del Siglo De Oro: Lope De Vega Su Tiempo' - 2003, AliaVox
 Jordi Savall - 'Miguel De Cervantes, Don Quijote De La Mancha: Romances y Musicas' - 2005, AliaVox
 Jordi Savall - 'Mr. De Sainte Colombe Le Fils: Pieces De Viole' - 2003, AliaVox
 Jordi Savall - 'Music In Europe 1550-1650' - 2005, Virgin Classics
  как соисполнитель ...
 Alfonso X 'El Sabio' - 'Cantigas De Santa Maria (Strela Do Dia)' - 1993, Astree
 Marc-Antoine Charpentier - 'Canticum Ad Beatam Virginem Mariam' - 1989, Astree Auvidis
 Emilio De Cavalieri - 'Rappresentatione Di Anima e Di Corpo' - 2000, EMI, Reflexe
 Tomas Luis De Victoria - 'Cantica Beatae Virginis' - 1992, Astree, Auvidis
 Tobias Hume - 'Poeticall Musicke' - 1985, DHM
 Vicente Martin y Soler - 'Una Cosa Rara Ossia Belleza Ed Onesta' - 1991, Astree, Auvidis
 Claudio Monteverdi - 'Vespro Della Beata Vergine, 1610' - 1999, Astree
 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 'Requiem. Maurerische Trauermusik' - 2000, Astree, Auvidis
 Jordi Savall - 'Cansos De Trobairitz' - 1990, EMI Reflexe
 Jordi Savall - 'Christophorus Columbus. Paraisos Perdidos' - 2006, AliaVox
 Jordi Savall - 'El Barroco Espanol' - 1978, EMI
 Jordi Savall - 'El Canconer Del Duc De Calabria' - 1996, Astree, Auvidis
 Jordi Savall - 'Espana: Anthology Of Spanish Music' - 1992, Astree, Auvidis
 Jordi Savall - 'Estampies & Danses Royales. Le Manuscrit Du Roi Ca. 1270-1320' - 2008, AliaVox
 Jordi Savall - 'Harmonie Universelle' - 2001, AliaVox
 Jordi Savall - 'Homenatge Al Misteri D'Elx - La Vespra' - 2004, AliaVox
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 Jordi Savall - 'Jerusalem, La Ville Des Deux Paix, La Paix Celeste Et La Paix Terrestre' - 2008, AliaVox
 Jordi Savall - 'Llibre Vermell De Montserrat (Hesperion XX)' - 1989, Virgin Classics, EMI (Electrola)
 Jordi Savall - 'Music For The Spanish Kings' - 2001, Angel
 Jordi Savall - 'Mvsique De Ioye' - 1978, Astree, Auvidis
 Jordi Savall - 'Tous Les Matins Du Monde' - 2001, AliaVox
 Jordi Savall - 'Villancicos y Danzas Criollas' - 2003, AliaVox
 Various Artists - 'Alfons V El Magnanim: El Cancionero De Montecassino' - 2001, AliaVox

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