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     Christian Lindberg

Birth: Feb 15, 1958 in Stockholm, Sweden
Genre: Concerto
Country: Sweden

Christian Lindberg is perhaps the first classical trombonist to maintain a successful full-time performing career as a soloist. Though now considered among the instrument's foremost exponents, he actually took up the trombone fairly late, only starting playing at age 17 after hearing recordings by the great jazz trombonist Jack Teagarden. By 19, Lindberg was the principle trombonist of the Royal Opera Orchestra in Stockholm. But he left that position after just a year, saying he was bored playing in an orchestra. After further studies in Stockholm, London, and Los Angeles, Lindberg began his solo career. He established himself very quickly, and now plays about 100 concerts per year all over the world. He has won many major competitions, gives frequent lectures and masterclasses, and holds the honorary title of Prince Consort Composer at London's Royal College of Music.

Lindberg has been very active in expanding the repertoire for his instrument, having premiered over 60 new concertos and arranged or transcribed over 100 other works for the trombone. Composers such as Alfred Schnittke, Michael Nyman, Toru Takemitsu, Christopher Rouse, Luciano Berio, and Arvo Part have written pieces for him. One of his most frequent collaborators has been composer Jan Sandstrom, who wrote his Motorbike Concerto for Lindberg (and which Lindberg performs in costume, as he does other pieces).

Lindberg's debut recording, The Virtuoso Trombone, was released in 1983, and he has since released over 50 other albums for several labels. He has also branched out into conducting and composing; his first composition was Arabenne, for trombone and strings. Lindberg lives on the Stockholm coastline with his wife and four children.

- Chris Morrison (All Music Guide)


Christian Lindberg (trombone)

Christian Lindberg was born in Sweden in 1958 and studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. He joined the Stockholm Royal Opera Orchestra while still a student, but decided to pursue his studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London with the aim of forgoing a career as a soloist. After pursuing further studies in Los Angeles, he made his solo debut at the age of twenty-five with the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. He has since appeared as a soloist with many leading orchestras including the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and the Swedish Radio Orchestra, and has gained worldwide acclaim for his outstanding technical mastery of his instrument and profound musicianship. He has won first prize in many competitions including the prestigious Frank Martin Competition, in which he was also awarded the Maria Martin Prize. He is one of the world's finest exponents of his instrument and possesses a vast repertoire. His transcendental technical mastery has gained him a reputation as the Paganini of the trombone, and he continues today to explore the limitless possibilities of his instrument. His brilliant activities have been presented widely to the public through television and radio appearances and in concerts and recordings. In 1992 he was accompanied on a worldwide performance tour by a film crew sent by four broadcasting stations in Europe and the United States who made a promotion film on his behalf. Many leading contemporary composers including Jan Sandstrom, Alfred Schnittke and Tom Takemitsu have been attracted by his abilities and have composed works especially for him.

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