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     Axiom of Choice

Genre: New Age
Styles: Ethnic Fusion

The melodies and rhythms of Persia's Radif tradition are combined with Western sensibilities by Southern California-based band Axiom of Choice. Led by Persia-born nylon-string classical guitar, quarter-tone guitar, and tarbass player and musical director Loga Ramin Torkian, the septet has continued to incorporate a global range of influences into its unique sound. Formed in the United States, Axiom of Choice remains rooted in the musical heritage of Torkian and fellow Persian emigres Mamak Khadem and Pejman Hadadi. While Khadem's singing in the Arabic language retains the spirit of the past, the innovative playing of Hadadi, one of the leading Arabic percussionists living in the United States, gives the group its distinctive flavor. Hadadi - who plays daf, tombak, and nagada - previously toured with Hossein Alizadeh, Kayhan Kalhor, and Shahram Nazeri. He continues to balance his involvement with Axiom of Choice and his participation in the Dastan Ensemble.

- Craig Harris (All Music Guide)

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www.axiomofchoice.com Official website of Axiom of Choice
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 Axiom of Choice - 'Niya Yesh' - 2000, Narada

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