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     Trio Toykeat

Toykeat takes global steps

Trio Toykeat is the most successful and best-known Finnish jazz act to date. Their career spans over 2000 gigs in 43 countries and all five continents. This year the band picks up the pace with a two-week tour to Asia, in some concert halls seating over 2000.

"This is our biggest tour ever", says Rantala. Besides Asia the band has stormed continental-European festivals and concert halls. In the past few years their success has grown particularly in Germany, where they this year play more gigs than in Finland.
Same line-up for 17 years Trio Toykeat was formed "accidentally" in 1988. With the exception of the trio's first two months, the line-up (Iiro Rantala - piano, Rami Eskelinen - drums, and Eerik Siikasaari - bass) has stayed the same. In their long-spanning career, Toykeat have released new material sparsely, Wake being the sixth album release. Their debut Paivaa was released in 1990 (the international release was titled G'day and was released in 1993), Jazzlantis in 1995, Sisu (Guts) in 1997, Kudos (Fabric) in 2000, and their first Blue Note release High Standards in 2003.

Iiro Rantala - piano
Eerik Siikasaari - bass
Rami Eskelinen - drums


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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Trio Toykeat - 'High Standards' - 2003, Blue Note
 Trio Toykeat - 'Jazzlantis' - 1995, Sonet
 Trio Toykeat - 'Kudos' - 2001, Universal Distribution
 Trio Toykeat - 'One Night In Tampere' - 2007, EMI, Blue Note
 Trio Toykeat - 'Sisu' - 1997, Universal Distribution

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