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     Dowland Project

The Dowland Project began as an artistic collaboration between John Potter and ECM's Manfred Eicher, and was an attempt to re-discover the essence of renaissance song from the point of view of a modern performer. John suggested Dowland and Manfred Eicher proposed augmenting the obligatory early music players with jazz musicians. The first recording for ECM brought together John Surman, Barry Guy, Maya Homberger and Stephen Stubbs and was a Sunday Times Record of the Year. The group made its live debut at the Bremen Musikfest, and has since performed on both sides of the Atlantic including St Patrick's Cathedral New York, the Munich Opera House and the Festival de Musica Visual, Lanzarote. The band has since released 'Care-Charming Sleep' - a similar treatment of English and Italian songs from the post-Dowland generation.

The Dowland Project opened the South Bank's Early Music Weekend in 2006 with a return to Dowland. The group's third album for ECM, 'Romaria', released in January features a new line up of John Potter (tenor), John Surman (sax, bass clarinet, recorder), Milos Valent (violin & viola) and Stephen Stubbs (vihuela & guitar). The music includes Trouvere songs and Minnelieder, Portuguese folksongs and an experiment with some fifteenth century Franco-Flemish mass movements. It's had very good press:

1. John Dowland: In Darkness let me Dwell ECM New Series 1697
2. Care-charming sleep ECM New Series 1803
3. Romaria ECM New Series 1970


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 Dowland Project - 'Care-charming Sleep' - 2003, ECM
 Dowland Project - 'Night Sessions' - 2013, ECM
 Dowland Project - 'Romaria' - 2008, ECM
  как основной соисполнитель ...
 John Dowland - 'In Darkness Let Me Dwell' - 1999, ECM

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