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     William Christie

Birth: Dec 19, 1944 in Buffalo, NY
Genre: Choral, Opera

Long a leading figure in the early music performance movement, William Christie has been especially influential in restoring opera and French music to their rightful places in the Baroque repertory. He is the harpsichordist and leader of the ensemble Les Arts Florissants. Christie was born in Buffalo, New York, in 1944, and studied piano and organ as a young man. He attended Harvard, graduating with an art history degree and switching to music only for graduate study at the Yale School of Music. His teacher there was the pioneering harpsichordist Ralph Kirkpatrick, best known for his rediscovery and thorough exploration of the sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti. Christie moved to France in 1971; eventually he not only became a French citizen, but also was named a member of the Legion of Honor. Many early music performers have done stints in the contemporary-music world (and vice versa); between 1971 and 1975, as a member of the Five Centuries Ensemble, Christie participated in premieres of work by such notables as Luciano Berio and Morton Feldman. Between 1976 and 1980 he played keyboards for the early music group Concerto Vocale, led by Rene Jacobs. In 1979, Christie founded Les Arts Florissants, an ensemble devoted to French, English, and Italian music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The group has done much to revive the difficult genre of French Baroque opera, with its arcane declamatory style; working with leading stage designers and choreographers, Christie has had special success with the operas of Marc-Antoine Charpentier and Jean-Philippe Rameau, rightful mainstays of the operatic repertory in their own times but almost forgotten since then. Since 1994, Christie and Les Arts Florissants have recorded for the major French label Erato, and the contract was renewed in 1999. That year saw the release of the Les Arts Florissants recording of Monteverdi's magnificent Vespro della Beata Vergine (the Vespers of 1610), and recordings of Mozart, Caldara, Lully and other composers were in the works.

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Bom in the United States in 1944, William Christie today is one of the most important harpsichordists and early music conductors in Europe. His reputation is based on the way he has applied his research into original source material to his interpretations of French and Italian baroque music. He is well-known for his informed championing of the music of Marc Antoine Charpentier and Jean Philippe Rameau.

In 1978, William Christie founded the ensemble 'Les arts florissants'and in very little time took it to the top of European early music groups. These recordings mark Mr Christie's return to the Netherlands Chamber Choir: he previously worked with it in November, 1986.

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 William Christie - 'Charpentier: Un Oratorio De Noel' - 1993, Harmonia mundi
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 Marc-Antoine Charpentier - 'David & Jonathas' - 1998, Harmonia mundi
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 Carlo Gesualdo - 'Madrigaux A 5 Voix' - 2003, Harmonia mundi
 George Frideric Handel - 'Alcina' - 2000, Erato
 George Frideric Handel - 'Messiah' - 1994, Harmonia mundi
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 Marc-Antoine Charpentier - 'Lecons De Tenebres Du Mercredy Sainct' - 1978, Harmonia mundi
 Francois Couperin - 'Lecons De Tenebres. Motet, Verset' - 1997, Erato
 Alfred Deller - 'Purcell: Music For A While & Other Songs' - 1979, Harmonia mundi
 Andreas Scholl - 'The Voice' - 2000, Harmonia mundi
 Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck - 'The Choral Works Of Sweelinck. Volume 1' - 1988, BFO

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