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     Quintet Cuesta

Created in 1981 the Quintet Cuesta takes its name from the musician Francesc Cuesta, Valencian and founding composer of the Conservatory of Valencia. Their members arrange the activities of the group with teaching in the Superior Conservatory of Music of Valencia and like members of the Orchestra of Valencia in their respective specialties.

From its creation the Quintet Cuesta has taken part in different national events as much as international, acting in different countries from Europe and America, receiving successful critics in cities as important as Paris, London or Caracas among other many, in addition to different prizes by its work from musical diffusion.

Its repertoire is quite extensive and varied in style, from the classic one to the most contemporary works, also usually they include in its performances arrengements of Spanish music from authors as Albeniz or Falla; besides to rescue historical works of great musical importance like the divertimentos for wind of Vicente Martin and Soler (contemporary to Mozart), published by Rivera editions by the Quintet Cuesta.

Spanish contemporary music has been a referring one for the group, reason why it has participated in different cycles from contemporary music, in which they are released dedicated works of as prestigious Spanish composers as David of the Puerto, A. Blanquer, J. Antonio Orts, Felix Ibarrondo, Cesar cano, Luis de Pablo... among others. Its work of musical diffusion has taken to them to festivales of contemporary music everywhere.

The group has been awarded in diverse international competitions, in addition some to his performances have been relayed in direct by RNE, and differents Radios from Europe.

From 1995 collaborates with the record company "Empire Masters Sound ", establish in Brussels, where it has published several compact , with some of the most emblematic works for woodwind quintet.

In 2005 it has recorded a double CD that includes all existing more important Valencian works for woodwind quintet of century XX, as well as of the Valencian authors more contemporaries, comissinoned by the Valencia Music Institut , the more prestigous valencian music public institution .

Flute : Jose Maria Saez Ferriz
Oboe : Jesus Fuster Palmer
Clarinet : Jose Cervero Martinez
Bassoon : Salvador Sanchis Dura
Horn : Maria Rubio


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 Quintet Cuesta - 'Schoenberg, Gerhard: Wind Quintets' - 2003, Arcobaleno

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