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     Michael Sarin

Genre: Jazz

Drummer Michael Sarin established himself as a high caliber jazz drummer and improviser while playing in the Thomas Chapin Trio. A native of Seattle, Sarin had relocated to New York by 1991, when the trio recorded the album Anima for Knitting Factory's label. The Chapin Trio continued to record excellent albums until the loss of Thomas Chapin in 1998. In addition to being a core member of this group, Sarin has worked frequently with such genre-leading musicians as bassists Mark Dresser and Drew Gress, pianist Myra Melford, violinist Mark Feldman, guitarist Brad Shepik and many more.

- Joslyn Layne (All Music Guide)

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 Thomas Chapin - 'Nigth Bird Song' - 1999, Knitting Factory
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 Ben Allison - 'Peace Pipe' - 2002, Palmetto
 Thomas Chapin - 'Haywire' - 1996, Knitting Factory Works
 Thomas Chapin - 'Insomnia' - 1992, Knitting Factory
 Thomas Chapin - 'Menagerie Dreams' - 1994, Knitting Factory
 Dave Douglas - 'Convergence' - 1999, Soul Note
 Dave Douglas - 'Five' - 1995, Soul Note
 Dave Douglas - 'Freak In' - 2003, Bluebird
 Dave Douglas - 'Parallel Worlds' - 1994, Soul Note
 Dave Douglas - 'Witness' - 2001, Prospekt, RCA
 Mark Helias - 'Fictionary' - 1998, GM
 David Krakauer - 'Bubbemeises Lies My Gramma Told' - 2005, Label Bleu
 David Krakauer - 'Checkpoint' - 2014, Label Bleu
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 David Krakauer - 'Masada Book 2: The Book Of Angels, Vol. 18: Pruflas' - 2012, Tzadik
 Tony Malaby - 'Apparitions' - 2003, Songlines Recordings
 Sephardic Tinge - 'Our Beautiful Garden Is Open' - 2002, Tzadik

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