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     Jean-Charles Ablitzer

Jean-Charles Ablitzer was born in 1946 and attracted early in life by the organ. He was self-taught before enrolling in the Strasbourg Conservatory, where he studied under Pierre Vidal. In 1971 he won the post of organist at Saint Christophe Cathedral of Berfort, home of the great Valtrin-Callinet organ restored by Kurt Schewenkedel of Strasbourg.
The same year he was also named professor of organ at the Belfort Conservatory. Ablitzer's extensive knowledge of baroque music instruments conditions the rigorous discipline of his style, which reflects the principles described in learned treatises ; his personal discoveries regarding registration, articulation and phrasing ; and his research into antique organs ( construction materials, keyboard and pedal board configuration ). Ablitzer is an ardent chamber-music performer, and has participated in numerous baroque ensemble concerts and recordings.


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