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     Philippe Pierlot

Philippe Pierlot was born in Liege. After studying guitar and lute,he decided to concentrate entirely on the viola da gamba.

He directs the Ricercar Consort,ensemble whith whom he interprets mostly works of the 17th century, revealing unknown compositions to the public.

Several contemporary pieces were written for him, and he is also one of the rare "baryton" players, very peculiar instrument for which Haydn wrote more than 150 trios and other pieces.

Among his recordings specially should be mentioned Schutz' oratorios "Auferstehung" and "Sieben Worte" , "German 17th Century Works for Viols", "Defense de la Basse de Viole",...

In 1995 he started the recording of the complete works of Marin Marais,and in 1998, he realised an adaptation for viols and plucked instruments of the opera "Ritorno d'Ulisse", given in important European festivals with great succes (Berlin,Vienna...)

Philippe Pierlot is frequently invited to take the direction of important works which he restores or adapts. For example, in 1999, Marais' "Semele",which hadden't been performed for 300 years, and for which he recomposed the missing instrumental parts.

Philippe Pierlot is Professor in the Hochscule fur Musik, Trossingen, Germany. He lives in the belgian Ardennes where he gardens, raises geese and his three children.


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