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     Karin Krog

Born: May 15, 1937 in Oslo, Norway
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Avant-Garde, Post-Bop, Standards, Avant-Garde Jazz
Instruments: Vocals

An adventurous singer who is quite versatile, Karin Krog is able to sing anything from standards to fairly free improvisations. She made her recording debut in 1964, appeared at many jazz festivals in Europe in the mid-'60s, and in 1967, came to the U.S., performing and recording with the Don Ellis Orchestra and Clare Fischer's trio. A world traveler based in Europe, Krog has recorded fairly steadily through the years, using such sidemen as Kenny Drew, Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen, Jan Garbarek, Ted Curson, Dexter Gordon, Palle Mikkelborg, Steve Kuhn, Steve Swallow, Archie Shepp, Bengt Hallberg, and John Surman; she has made records for Philips, Sonet, Polydor, and other European labels.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Karin Krog - 'Bluesand' - 1999, Meantime
 Karin Krog - 'Cloud Line Blue' - 1978, P-Vine
 Karin Krog - 'Folkways' - 2010, Meantime
 Karin Krog - 'Freestyle' - 1986, Odin
 Karin Krog - 'George Gershwin With Karin Krog' - 1974, Philips, JASRAC
 Karin Krog - 'Hi-Fly' - 1976, Meantime
 Karin Krog - 'I Remember You' - 1981, Meantime
 Karin Krog - 'In A Rag Bag' - 2012, Meantime Records
 Karin Krog - 'Jazz Moments' - 1966, Sonet
 Karin Krog - 'Joy' - 1968, P-Vine
 Karin Krog - 'One On One' - 1997, Meantime
 Karin Krog - 'Raindrops, Raindrops' - 2002, EFA
 Karin Krog - 'Seagull' - 2006, Grappa
 Karin Krog - 'Some Other Spring' - 1970, Storyville
 Karin Krog - 'Something Borrowed.. Something New' - 1990, Meantime
 Karin Krog - 'We Could Be Flying' - 1974, P-Vine
 Karin Krog - 'You Must Believe In Spring' - 1974, Meantime
  как соисполнитель ...
 Erik Gard Amundsen - 'Portrait Of A Norwegian Jazz Artist: Erik Amundsen' - 2006, Gemini

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