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     Diabolus In Musica

"The Devil in Music"... Thus did medieval theoreticians call the E-B interval (that is to say F-B, in our modern solfege) an increased fourth that particularly displeased their ears, and so was to be kept out of polyphonies at all costs!

Since 1992, Diabolus in Musica dedicates itself to the study and the interpretation of all medieval musics, from the Gregorian chant up to the great polyphonies of the 15th century, with a preference marked for French 12th and 13th centuries. On the top of musical and historic research, the ensemble works directly on manuscript sources and focuses on unpublished works and repertoires.

Critics particularly highlight its strong personality and innovative interpretations.

Our programmes always approach the Middle Ages in an original way, setting the music in its historical, artistic and social context, through deep research on vocal and instrumental aesthetics befitting medieval mentality and sensitivity.

Antoine Guerber has been directing Diabolus in Musica since 1992. After ten years studying choral chant practice, he met with Dominique Touron, founder of the ensemble in Bordeaux, and Dominique Vellard, of whom he will become a student at the Centre for Medieval Music in Paris and Department of Early Music of the CNSM in Lyon. Passion for medieval music will never leave him. After having worked with ensembles Gilles Binchois, Organum, Perceval and Jacques Moderne, Antoine Guerber settles in Tours and dedicates himself to his own ensemble, and to the rediscovery of unpublished repertoires.


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ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diabolus_in_Musica О исполнителе из 'мобильной википедии' [mobile] [ru]
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 Diabolus In Musica - 'La Doce Acordance. Chansons De Trouveres' - 2004, Alpha
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 Guillaume Dufay - 'Mille Bonjours !' - 2007, Alpha
 Guillaume Dufay - 'Missa Se La Face Ay Pale' - 2003, Alpha
 Various Artists - 'Paris Expers Paris: Ecole De Notre Dame, 1170-1240' - 2005, Alpha

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